Fashion icon: Emma Watson

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Another big style inspiration. My all time favorite actress. I’m being kinda long-winded on this theme, but you probably understood how I ‘choose’ my fashion icons. I love girls and women that can mix classic outfits with a more rock-masculine style. And Emma is surely one of these. For the Harry-Potter-junkie I am, I grow up with her and, of course, her style. So here’s a selection of Emma’s best inclunding some very young age photos, because when I was a little girl there was no way for my mum to buy me something that wasn’t so-Emma’s-style or for my hairdresser to don’t make my hair like hers.

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Un’altra delle mie più grandi fashion icon. La mia attrice preferita da sempre. Sto forse diventando un po’ logorroica sul tema, ma probabilmente avrete capito come ‘scelgo’ le mie fashion icon. Adoro le ragazze e le donne che riescono a mescolare outfit classici a look più rock e mascolini. E Emma è sicuramente una di queste. Dalla drogata di Harry Potter che sono, sono cresciuta con lei e, ovviamente, col suo stile. Quindi eccovi una selezione del meglio di Emma, incluse alcune foto di quando era molto piccola, giusto perchè da bambina non c’era verso per mia mamma di comprarmi qualcosa che non fosse come lo stile di Emma o per la mia parrucchiera per non farmi i capelli come lei.

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 photo 11_zps91321d39.jpg

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 photo 3125_zps01e255da.jpg

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 photo 2164_zps931fcd87.jpg

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 photo 12091kl_zps03ba4e07.jpg

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 photo 73896_944312690_image-235_H141706_L_zps278dbcee.jpg

 photo 87809wl_zps1534105d.jpg

 photo 206567un_zps48f5b56f.jpg

 photo 268744lisadanna5222010103933AM_zps63806ae0.jpg

 photo 21_zps75aa80a1.jpg

 photo 08060029_zpsebaf19e7.jpg

 photo 08065007_zpsf793e0ca.jpg

 photo 09060001_zps4c8495e9.jpg

 photo 16211473f7ef70b53oov9_zps8ac3c770.jpg

 photo 754638792l0bs_zps6d4d52cb.jpg

 photo 1000181342720vogueouttast3_zps8c97f591.jpg

 photo anti02fq7_zps4b56b96d.jpg

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 photo classicemma41e5fe8eb5d31-web_zps632e3cb3.jpg

 photo EmmaWatson_zps12859036.jpg

 photo 813_emmawatson14_zps51464aee.jpg

 photo emma1_zps7f613b5c.jpg

 photo 09012003_zps03dc6049.jpg

 photo emma96dz_zpsfa83ead8.jpg

 photo emmabafta20052gx4_zpsb2953c16.jpg

 photo emmavestitocinesetc9_zpse0958860.jpg

 photo 16_zps3470da1c.jpg

 photo emmapalace41833eb63213f-web_zpse25af970.jpg

 photo emma-watson-1024x768-26693_zpsfdae4c7d.jpg

 photo emma-watson-brown-university-08_zpse81887e4.jpg

 photo emma-watson-today-show-07_zpsf1540a34.jpg

 photo gobletpc1_zpsb4c73792.jpg

 photo hotelroomphotos20043de_zps24e38357.jpg

 photo 07592_Emma_Watson__photocall_London1246895249_122_371lo_zps8348fd4c.jpg

 photo normal6g2y8b8qd0_zps4b23506d.jpg

 photo ewpcosuk10fb6_zps8dc68c7b.jpg

 photo pietra23uc_zps10207dfa.jpg

 photo set16ov_zps55f656c5.png

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 photo -the-trio-harry-potter-6876211-576-407_zps49887016.jpg

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 photo tumblr_m6t2g2xhUP1qfv89lo4_r1_250_zpswdvhepvt.gif

 photo 438_zps8e1c6439.jpg

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 photo 0556yx_zps4be8f12a.jpg

 photo emma-3_zps6135334b.jpg

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8 thoughts on “Fashion icon: Emma Watson

  1. Babe!!! Omg I seriously think we could be “style sisters” hahaha ( I know such a term doesn’t exist, but hey, WHO SAYS WE CAN’T MAKE IT UP EH? 😛 ). I LOVE Emma Watson as well, and she’s so so gorgeous!! Seriously! And I love how her looks are a combi of “class”, “glamous”, and “girl next door” at the same time!! 😀 Love her!! And psps: are you exams over yet? 🙂 Are you currently pursuing your masters or bachelors? 🙂

    Mi piace

    • Amazing babe!!! :)) Oh yes please, let’s be the very first style sisters in the world!! ❤ ❤
      Yes, I'm still in my required course it's 5 years of classes + exams and a final year to do a laboratory tesis where I'm supposed to go somewhere around the world to do it (still don't know where!). Now, I'm in my third years which means at least 3 year to do!

      Mi piace


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