Fashion Icon: Dianna Agron

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The list of my fashion icons is almost over, just three are missing. Today I show you this beautiful girl: Dianna Agron. She’s so girly and enchanting. And after meeting her, a couple years ago, I can honestly that in photos, tv or cinema she’s not beautiful like when she’s right there, in front of you (that penultimate blurred photo was taken by a very happily-nervous me). She’s never hide her love for fashion and designer and we can easily see it. So here’s a gallery of my favorite Dianna’s look, hope you like them!

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La lista delle mie fashion icon è quasi finita, ne mancano solo 3 ormai. Oggi vi mostro questa bellissima ragazza: Dianna Agron. E’ molto femminile e incantevole. E dopo avere avuto il piacere di incontrarla un paio di anni fa, posso onestamente dire che in foto, in tv o al cinema non è bella come quando è proprio lì, di fronte a voi (la penultima foto sfocata è stata fatta da una me molto emozionata). Non ha mai nascosto il suo amore per la moda e i designer e possiamo facilmente vederlo. Quindi eccovi una gallery dei miei look preferiti di Dianna, spero vi piacciano!

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 photo 001_zps63ccf05c.jpg

 photo 0021_zps9e4f0d05.jpg

 photo 016_zps6cd3d4aa.jpg

 photo 022_zps59f2a338.jpg

 photo session022-02_zps2174556b.jpg

 photo tumblr_lu8e6d1Uqg1qe4xpl_zps30149f38.jpg

 photo 0015_zps0f645c4c.jpg

 photo tumblr_lzt4k3w8IZ1r2oibco5_250_zpsfd11535d.png

 photo tumblr_m4r7y6DfGM1qlrdfuo4_250_zps9ea43d77.png

 photo tumblr_lqpyjmOGuS1qbcfc7o12_r1_250_zps8xkghu7x.gif

 photo tumblr_lx6alax7yg1qbz915o4_250_zps5nhhupfg.gif

 photo tumblr_m52ttrH9z21qdoa6uo5_250_zps22b02a47.png

 photo tumblr_lrvq3s9a6L1qe04alo6_250_zpsnxdsbmdf.gif

 photo tumblr_m9or2y4kPC1r350t5o6_250_zpsixbom6ye.gif

 photo tumblr_m2kuwz28JJ1qdxgc6o3_250_zpsg99hcith.gif

 photo tumblr_mfta3dsJyO1r9ti0wo2_250_zpsltsrzldt.gif

 photo tumblr_m5o1yu7bxy1qcid0zo2_250_zpssavqc8zg.gif

 photo tumblr_mcbc02EOgA1qk71sao4_250_zpsuvl0yhjb.gif

 photo tumblr_m446i8hKVK1r350t5o7_250_zpsieo8nbxy.gif

 photo tumblr_med1o1TJ1Y1r350t5o3_250_zpsggitubfz.gif

 photo 0011_zps29e9e306.jpg

 photo 0012_zps5049728c.jpg

 photo 0013_zps205620f4.jpg

 photo 0014_zps6169da7d.jpg

 photo 0016_zps31215bc0.jpg

 photo 0017_zps9f8da4f5.jpg

 photo 002_zpsceb69146.jpg

 photo 007_zps1f80998e.jpg

 photo DSCF3715_zps7c22ecfc.jpg
 photo tumblr_lxkfxuqqbm1qavszmo4_250_zps10b11cf9.jpg







14 thoughts on “Fashion Icon: Dianna Agron

  1. Wow…Ok, so i agree that she’s stunning and beautiful, but i never knew that her style was THAT good. I never exactly noticed it, and i blame the media for not “portraying” it enough. But god, she’s gorgeous!!!!!!!! And wait a second, you need to do your practicals/project work anywhere in the world? Meaning? That’s so so sooo cool, babe!! I used to take bio medical, until i change my majors to Finance, after realising my love-hate relationship with Biology :p

    Mi piace

    • Yeah she’s one of these beautiful girls media kinda forget sometimes!
      I actually have to decide where I want to specialize myself for my final year, and I must do a work on it to take my degree! I’m studying pharmaceutical chemistry and tecnology, and I really really want to specialize on the oncology sector, so I have to choose a laboratory around the world that works on oncology research. Then I have to ask to work with them (actually for free) for a year, prepare my tesis and then go back home and take my degree! :))

      Mi piace


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