Everyday uniform

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Have you ever conceived about doing your hair in a very ‘strange’ color? I did many times. If I could go to the hairdresser right now, I’d probably make them green. I know it’s crazy, but look at this girl, aren’t they fabulous?

Avete mai pensato di tingervi i capelli di un colore stranissimo? Io molto spesso. Se potesse andare dalla parrucchiera ora, probabilmente me li farei verdi. So che è da pazzi, ma guardate questa ragazza, non sono favolosi?

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Jeans | Booties

Did you notice I’m addicted to black items? Maybe because they always feel perfect for every occasion. For the outfit inspiration I picked this two items from a jeans-brand you surely know and which I love very much: Gas.

Avete notato quanto ami i capi neri? Forse perchè sono sempre prefetti per ogni occasione. Per l’ispirazione per l’outfit ho scelto questi due pezzi da un brand di jeans e non solo che sicuramente conoscete e che io amo molto: Gas.

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And has you can imagine, my makeup inspiration cames from this brilliant green eyeshadow by Kiko.

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E come potete immaginare l’ispirazione per il mio makeup viene da questo brillantissimo ombretto verde di Kiko.

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8 thoughts on “Everyday uniform

  1. Omgosh babe, it’s funny because i was just thinking of dying my hair as well! But apparently, i can’t coz they’re damaged far too badly :p But it would have been green-black! :p And just like you, i tend to deviate towards darker things too. Black, blue-black, purple-black. Blackest black! :p

    And as to answer what you asked me, YESSS..i actually used to work for 70 hours a week! The thing is i am a part time lecturer, so i used to go to school in the evening, and would usually end after 9! And then my morning 9-6 job. It was killing me. I gave up on lecturing!!! (it was chemistry and bio…something which made chemicals in my brain explode!!) :p


    Mi piace


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