Pink Princess

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Here I am. Transported back in time. Ruler of the castle for a day, like Bianca was centuries before me. I walked through those splendidly fresco walls, looking for my loved one, like Bianca did. And even if at the end of the day I became again the usual Samantha, someone swears that Bianca is still there, going around inside and out the castle in desperate wait of her prince. Even the photos have a noise that seems to come from the past, like if they’re telling a story from years ago. To live this princess dream, which everyone of us had once a little girl, I choosed a pure pink dress. These pink extensions made everything even more magical, they came from Hairtrade, a beautiful shop that sells products for hair and beauty, that came along with me in another of my amazing trips.

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Eccomi qui. Trasportata indietro nel tempo. Padrona del castello per un giorno, come Bianca la era stata secoli prima di me. Per un giorno ho camminato tra quelle mura ancora splendidamente affrescate, alla ricerca del mio amato, così come anche Bianca faceva. E se come Cenerentola a fine giornata sono tornata la Samantha di tutti i giorni, c’è chi giura che Bianca sia ancora lì, a girare tra quelle mura e intorno al castello in disperata attesa del suo principe. Anche le foto hanno un rumore che sembra venire dal passato, a raccontare una storia avvenuta ormai anni fa. Per vivere questo sogno da principessa, che ognuna di noi ha avuto da bambina, ho scelto un abito rosa candido. A rendere tutto ancora più magico, però, sono state le extension rosa donatemi da Hairtrade, shop meraviglioso di prodotti per capelli e di bellezza, che mi aveva già accompagnata in uno dei miei splendidi viaggi.

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I was wearing:

Hairtrade Pink Hair Extensions | Tally Weijl Dress

11 thoughts on “Pink Princess

  1. Babe, you beat Bianca anytime of the day!! You’re looking super pretty! And these pink extensions really really suit you!! ❤ And continuing with our conversation, hahaha even I have pretty much settled with the thought that my prince charming is lost somewhere :p Are you having vacations now? You should be, right? 🙂

    Mi piace

    • Thank u so much babe ❤ ❤
      These prince charmigs are really bad people, don't they miss their cinderellas? :/ No I'll be on vacation from thursday, but it actually means studying like crazy for my upcoming exams in january and february, italian college it's really hard ;-(((

      Mi piace

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